| In or out? VAR does not work out and Ajax takes the lead with a dubious goal

The VAR doesn't even have a picture for it, but was busy checking whether a ball was over the sideline…

3 days ago

Felice Mazzu and Union stand for a heavy four-part: “Of course the goal is to be at the top after that”

There is no doubt that it will be a difficult four-part series for the PhD student. In the first round,…

5 days ago

Cruise goal! Haggai opens the scoring against São Paulo, in Copinha

PUBLICITY Cruise goal! Haggai's goal! A corner is taken for the entrance of the small area and Haggai climbs alone…

6 days ago

GOAL! Maioli scores one more for São Paulo against Vasco, watch the goal

PUBLICITY Sao Paulo goal! Maioli goal! He again! Léo finishes from outside the area, the ball goes to Maioli, who…

1 week ago

FOOT TO FOOT! Vitinho scores São Paulo’s second against São Caetano; watch the goal

PUBLICITY Sao Paulo goal! Vito's goal! And in a beautiful move by São Paulo. Caio receives in the middle of…

1 week ago

Endrick enters and in the first bid suffers a penalty is the third goal of Palmeiras

Advertising Palmeiras goal! Endrick has just entered and has already suffered a penalty for Palmeiras. Abused. Advertising Vitinho charges in…

2 weeks ago

Another! Caio scores the second goal of São Paulo against São Bernardo, in Copinha

PUBLICITY Sao Paulo goal! Gaius goal! Forward receives a throw, makes table with Pedrinho and receives in the penalty area.…

2 weeks ago

GOOOOL DO PALMEIRAS! Verdão opens the scoring against Agua Santa; watch the goal

PUBLICITY PALMEIRAS GOAL! After the corner kick, goalkeeper Lucas punches the ball out of the box. Vanderlan takes the rebound…

2 weeks ago

It’s São Paulo’s third! Pablo scores a great goal against Perilima; watch the goal

PUBLICITY GOOOLL DO SÃO PAULO After a short corner kick, Pablo receives from Luiz Henrique and hits a beautiful kick…

2 weeks ago

| Romelu Lukaku scores his first Premier League goal since September

Big Rom is back! Romelu Lukaku scored his first Premier League goal since September 11 on Boxing Day. Back then…

1 month ago

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