Fan tries to get alcohol into the stadium with converted binoculars, but the Qatari police do not fall for it

The urge for alcohol during a football match remains high. Unfortunately for some fans there is an absolute ban on alcohol in Qatar and around the football stadiums. The Qatari police are lurking, these Mexico fans experienced.

Guy Van Den Langenbergh

The Mexicans opened the tournament last Tuesday with a goalless draw against Poland. Mexico fans tried to smuggle alcohol into the stadium in a very inventive way. Binoculars had been deviously converted into a handy water bottle, but the Qatari security services quickly saw through that.

In Qatar there is an absolute ban on alcohol in and around the stadiums. Initially it was agreed with FIFA that there would be ‘fan zones’ near the stadium where alcohol would be tolerated, but that promise was withdrawn a few days before the start of the World Cup, to the dismay of tournament sponsor Budweiser.

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