Vila Nova x Sport: where to watch live, online or on TV and lineups

Vila Nova x Sport: see how to watch the game live, lineups, refereeing, tips and tips. — © Football Team

See where to watch Vila Nova x Sport live and online, for the Campeonato Brasileiro Série B. In addition, see the lineups, schedule, arbitration and place of the match.

First, the game will be at 18:30 (Brasilia time), this Sunday (November 06), at Onésio Brasileiro Alvarenga, in Goiania, Goiás.

Where to watch Vila Nova x Sport?

In short, the teams duel for the Brasileirão Série B. In this way, the game will be broadcast exclusively by the pay-per-view of Premiere.

Competition Brazilian Serie B
Data Sunday, November 06, 2022
Local Brazilian Onesio – Goiania – GO
Referee Paulo Roberto Alves – PR
WAS Igor Junio ​​(VAR-FIFA) – MG
Time 6:30 pm (Brazil)
where to watch Premiere

Probable escalation of new village: Tony; Alex Silva, Alisson Cassiano, Jordan and Willian Formiga; Ralf, Arthur Rezende, Matheuzinho, Dentinho, Kaio Nunes and Neto Pessoa.

Probable escalation of Sport: Saul; Eduardo, Rafael Thyere and Sabino; Sander, Fabinho, Ronaldo Henrique, Luciano Juba, Gustavo Coutinho, Fabunco and Vagner Love.

About the Brasileirão Serie B

In short, the Brazilian Serie B Championship is the second division of football in Brazil. Promoted by the CBF, the competition has 20 teams, where they face each other in straight points.

The first place wins the title and a place in Serie A, in addition, the Champion wins a direct place for the third phase of the Copa do Brasil the following year.

As well as the champion, the second, third and fourth place also win spots for Serie A.

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