Seraing takes over red lantern from Zulte Waregem after home defeat against STVV

Seraing takes over red lantern from Zulte Waregem after home defeat against STVV

Seraing is no longer the black beast of STVV. However, the visitors seemed to be heading for another unnecessary defeat this time. They even fell behind ten men. But two crazy minutes yielded as many goals from Hayashi and Bruno. So mission accomplished. The shine didn’t need it.

A duel between two teams who prefer not to have the ball, who usually play football from the reaction. You should not set the bar high for expectations. Add a narrow field to that and a high-quality display seems completely far away. However, to err is human. We are not going to make it a world party. But the label ‘entertaining’ is appropriate.

stupid loss of the ball

The Canaries immediately caused the first straw fire with Boya’s header wide and a sham penalty. The infiltrating Okazaki went over Mbow’s leg and ref Boterberg didn’t hesitate for a second: the ball hit the spot. The whole stadium had seen it differently and fortunately VAR Alexandre Boucaut in Tubize had also paid attention. The penalty kick became a free kick just outside the box. Cut cake for Brüls, who brushed low on the falling Galjé.

A pity, but unfortunately for the Truienaars who traveled along, with that we had seen the best of STVV for a long time. Seraing coach Legros should have seriously puzzled in the absence of eight players. But his team clearly still had the necessary footballing ability and speed. Hollerbach had probably told his poulains that they had to avoid losing the ball in the build-up. But Janssens, again posted on the right, had not completely remembered that lesson. He handed in twice and each time Seraing reacted razor sharp. The well-executed Schmidt was able to keep the breakthrough Conceiçao just from the opening goal due to a straddle position and a bit later it was a bit of luck that defender Mbow went recklessly wide. The Truiense defense did not look great in both phases, despite the return of Al-Dakhil and Bauer after suspension.

Red for Mvoué

Time for a truce. But then the flames shot up again with two near-owngoals. Mbow received a cross from Bruno completely wrong on the shin and was relieved to see goalkeeper Galjé and the post save. Neighbor Schmidt was on the alert a few minutes later. Mansoni infiltrated for the umpteenth time after losing the ball, this time Bocat and Boya had to intervene to prevent Vagner from scoring. He unfortunately aimed for his own goal, but the Japanese keeper was on the alert and prevented damage.

The worst pain seemed to have been suffered for the visitors, because on the stroke of half-time Mvoué, who stood on top of Bocat’s foot, was sent to the showers by a determined Boterberg. The Métallos beheaded. But STVV also did not keep its head. Instead of playing out the first half calmly, the attack was sought and the door opened at the back. When the ten Walloons conquered the ball, Vagner and Poaty were presented with a boulevard. Bauer was the only ‘rest defender’ and could no longer save the furniture.

Photo: BELGA

Sunday Shot Hayashi

Of course we got a completely different scenario after the break. The home team erected a wall, thus illustrating the impotence of STVV, if it has to make the game itself. The spaces became very small, so you have to rely on ball-skilled guys like Brüls to force openings. But the Oostkantonner did not get a line in the actions. Let alone that goalkeeper Galjé had to do something. With Koita in front of Janssens, Hollerbach threw an express train into the team with a cannon shot. The substitute soon went on an adventure and brushed just over from an oblique angle.

The contribution of Van Dessel had to boost the footballing ability a little more. But the perspiration kept winning over the inspiration. The Seraing defense held up easily. However, two crazy minutes turned the game completely on its head. Bocat provided the introduction, custom served Hayashi and he had a Sunday shot in the house on Saturday evening. The ball went into the corner. The bear was now completely loose. Once again Bocat was at the root of the total turnaround. He wrested the ball from Mansoni, Van Dessel took over and Bruno couldn’t miss the far post.

The black beast was thus tamed. STVV played the game mature now. Although Brüls still had a moment of bewilderment, when he started dribbling for his own rectangle and gave away a corner. Under the motto ‘it wasn’t pretty, but it was effective’, the Limburgers took the full pot to Stayen. Looking over the shoulder is no longer necessary. Play-off 2 is allowed, no must now become the ambition. The players can also give themselves an early Christmas gift this weekend. If they win against Cercle, they get extra vacation.

Seraing takes over red lantern from Zulte Waregem after home defeat against STVV

Photo: BELGA

Seraing: Galge – Opare, Mbow, Tremoulet – Mansoni, William, Cachbach, Poaty – Conceiçao, Mvoué, Vagner.

STVV: Schmidt – Al-Dakhil, Leistner, Bauer – Janssens, Boya, Bruls, Bocat – Okazaki, Bruno, Hayashi.

Replacements: 56′ Janssens by Koita, 57′ Guillaume by Dembele, 68′ Conceiçao by Bernier, 70′ Boya by Van Dessel, 78′ Poaty by Abanda.

Goals: 45’+2′ Wagner 1-0, 77′ Hayashi 1-1, 79′ Bruno 1-2.

Yellow cards: 6′ Tremoulet (protest), 17′ Mvoué (fault), 54′ Janssens (yellow), 83′ Vagner (fault), 91′ Cachbach (fault).

Red cards: 44′ Mvoué (error, 2nd yellow card).

Referee: Jan Boterberg.

Spectators: 1.700.

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