Italian media: ‘Lazio commits suicide in the Netherlands’

Feyenoord magically fought its way past Italian club Lazio on Thursday evening. Italian media are impressed and praise Santiago Giménez in particular.

This is how the famous Italian sports newspaper headlines Gazzetta dello Sport: “Lazio commits suicide in the Netherlands. The goal by Santiago Gimenez in the 2nd half is the wrath that Lazio incurs on itself, for missing the many opportunities and the disastrous defensive performance.”


Tuttosport indicates to be impressed by goalscorer Giménez. Goalkeeper Justin Bijlow also gets the necessary compliments from the Italians. “Several times Bijlow prevented a goal. Together with Giménez he was by far the best man on the field.”

Referee to blame
Where Tuttosport compliments attacker Giménez, he is together with referee Irfan Peljto according to Courier Of Sport the very culprit. “It was completely arbitrary how the referee whistled. With the goal, Giménez gave his direct opponent a clear push in the back.”

The Messenger joins Corriere Dello Sport and thinks the referee was wrong on the opening goal. “The VAR watched the goal for minutes, while Gimenez’s push ensured that keeper Provedel no longer had the ball in his possession. The referee thought there was nothing wrong, but Lazio thought otherwise.”

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