Cash register in De Kuip: Feyenoord earned this with the group win in the Europa League

Feyenoord finished as group winner of Group F in the Europa League thanks to Thursday evening’s 1-0 win over Lazio! Apart from the sporting advantages, the people of Rotterdam also had a nice pocket money left over.

Feyenoord does not have to play the intermediate round, because it assured itself of the group win. This allows the team of trainer Arne Slot – at least for 1 match – to skip a number 3 from the Champions League. In addition, the club can add some cents to its own account, wrote FR12.

Each victory in the group stage yielded Feyenoord 630 thousand euros. In a draw, 210 thousand euros was earned. Quickly calculated, Feyenoord already collected 1,680,000 euros in terms of points in the group stage alone. The bonus as a group winner amounts to an additional 1.1 million euros.

In any case, all clubs that qualified for the group stage of the Europa League received a one-time bonus of 3.4 million euros. Need a calculator? Feyenoord thus raked in about 6.2 million euros for this campaign! That is not the end of the money yet.

At the end of the European stage, Feyenoord will also receive a so-called coefficient bonus of 3 million euros. All together, everything comes out to around 9 million euros in income. Please note: this does not include receipts and funds from the marketing pool. Solid cash register in De Kuip!

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