Chairman KV Oostende Frank Dierckens stands up for Gauthier Ganaye after resignation Yves Vanderhaeghe: “This decision has also been discussed with me”

KV Oostende fired Yves Vanderhaeghe on Monday. With Dominik Thalhammer, the Kustboys already have a new head coach. Executive President Gauthier Ganaye received a lot of criticism with that decision, but KVO chairman Frank Dierckens stands up for him. “Stop tearing everything down right away. The future will prove who is right.”

“What I read here is a (death) stab in my heart”, KVO chairman Frank Dierckens starts off in a post on Facebook. “This decision was not made by Gauthier alone. This decision has also been discussed with me, with all possible pros and possible disadvantages for OUR future. Here I am going to put Gauthier out of the wind as chairman because this was also very difficult for him. We made this decision because we want the best for KVO. With all the pros and cons. Which we certainly can’t comment on at the moment. NO ONE ! ! But I hope that something had to be done for everyone.”

“Up until now, our result has not been sufficient. We want to see pressing football again, make sure people are afraid to come to KVO again. And we want to take care of that. Gauthier, Thorsten and myself and the entire staff of KVO. But please. Please support us in our decisions and stop tearing everything down immediately! The future will prove who is right. But now give every benefit to the doubt. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but to immediately destroy all decisions we make is not responsible. Sorry ! We all have to be damned behind our team and go for it together from tomorrow.”

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