Pacajus x Maracanã: where to watch live with images and lineups

See where to watch the Fares Lopes Cup match | Photo: Football Team

Learn how to watch pacaju x Maracanã live, online or on TV, by the Fares Lopes Cup. Also, see the likely lineups, time, referee and match location.

In short, the game will pass Elevenat 19:00 (Brasília time), this Wednesday (October 31), at the Joao Ronaldo Stadium.

Pacajus vs Maracanã datasheet

Competition Fares Lopes Cup
Data Wednesday, Oct 12, 2022
Local Joao Ronaldo Stadium
Referee Renato Pinheiro
Time 7 pm (Brazil)
where to watch Eleven

where to watch Pacajus x Maracanã live and online

open TV no transmission
closed TV no transmission
Pay-per-view Eleven
Internet Site da Eleven
Application Eleven

Possible lineup of Pacajus: Cris; Ray, Marcelo, Ramon and Claudivan; Guto, Clisman, Diego Vaiana, Edson Reis, Vinícius and Jeam Bahia.

Probable escalation of Maracanã: Douglas; Tulio, Lincoln, Shiloh and Elenilton; Dagson, Andrew, William, Rodney, Jason and Talys.

In short, the Fares Lopes Cup is the second most important competition in Ceará, the champion wins a spot for the Copa do Brasil the following year.

Finally, in 2022, 5 teams will compete for the championship, they are: Maracanã, Pacajus, Icasa, Floresta and Guarany de Sobral.

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