50 Orange fans to the World Cup for FREE in exchange for content on social media

NOS has documents got into the hands of Orange fans who go to Qatar at the expense of the country. The World Cup organizers are allowed to use their social media channels for marketing purposes and the fans must also report ‘bad’ comments about the World Cup. If fans do not comply with these conditions, the entire agreement can still be thrown in the trash. The World Cup organization itself also talks about ‘strengthening our message’.

It is the first time that an organizing country finances the travel and accommodation costs of ‘ordinary fans’. Normally this was only done for former football players and influencers. So there are many rules to financing. Among other things, that the organization has control over your social media. You have to post and repost, all with certain conditions – which can be seen in the NOS article. If posts are not in line with the guidelines of the organization, the post must be removed. Each fan’s channels are monitored by the organization.

Bad reputation
The country’s bad reputation is not an obstacle for many to enter into this agreement. A fan told NOS: “I had reservations about Qatar as a destination, but if you start thinking that way, you can’t go anywhere.” Another fan thought all obligations were the last straw not to do it. The temptation was great, said the fan. “But the fact that we had to sign a document with all kinds of obligations and restrictions was the last straw for us. That would really make us a poster child for Qatar, we don’t want that.”

Ewoud Kervel and Leon van der Wilik are the so-called ‘Fan Leaders’ of the Netherlands and were allowed to choose the 50 lucky ones. So they too have signed the contract that NOS has seen. The KNVB did not want to answer questions about this subject and referred to the World Cup organization. The fans travel and stay for free in Qatar. They must be present at the opening ceremony and the opening game.

Van der Wilik assured that they are completely free in what they are allowed to do. “We never have to lie about anything or hide things. We can be ourselves with respect for their culture. That is personally guaranteed, because without that condition we would never have agreed.” With Van der Wilik there was little doubt whether he should go or not: “I personally think that sport and politics should remain separate. That is why we just go there as fans.”

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