Misses Gano break Zulte Waregem sour against mak Standard that strikes mercilessly in the final phase

Misses Gano break Zulte Waregem sour against mak Standard that strikes mercilessly in the final phase

If you want to win a game, you have to score goals. A huge cliché, but at Zulte Waregem they will come back to it sometimes after the match against Standard. Fadera and twice Gano missed the opportunity to give Essevee the lead. The visitors continued to play football on autopilot for a long time, but when the VAR saw a mistake in an apparently innocent intervention by Bostyn, it was hit. Dussenne converted the penalty flawlessly. Moments later, substitute Perica decided the game. Zulte Waregem is left with zero out of six. Standard can continue to hope for a place in the top four.

The Rouches have lived on a cloud for the past week. Zulte Waregem hoped to find that feeling again after the painful defeat at Ostend. Leye opted for a four-man defense and again opted for Sissako in midfield. Gano appeared at the kick-off for the first time this season. His colleague, Deila, saw Dewaele drop out sick in extremis and then surprisingly threw the Italian Melegoni into the fight.

The first danger came from the home team, but Bokadi did help them a hand: Bokadi suffered an incomprehensible loss of ball in his own sixteen, but Fadera decided on Bodart. Yet it was the Rouches who immediately resolutely claimed possession. Under the impulse of the dangerous duo Dragus-Zinckernagel, the Essevee pushed back to its own field. However, opportunities to play football together did not immediately succeed. Before that, the Liège attacks lacked some punch.

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Zulte Waregem, on the other hand, was quite dangerous on stationary phases. For example, Ciranni forced Bodart to a great save with a free kick. Halfway through the first half, Gano also had a dot of a chance: Miroshi pushed through on the left and played in the course of the striker, but he decided high over. The match produced less and less enthusiasm and Bostyn barely had to intervene at Zulte Waregem.

Once again it turned out that Standard against a ‘less strong’ opponent has a hard time imposing his will. Earlier, the Rouches also lost to Seraing and KV Mechelen. Still, Standard should always have gone into halftime with a 0-1 lead. Bostyn couldn’t handle a shot from Dragus well enough, but a completely detached Balikwisha managed to kick the ball over the goal from close by.

It is not entirely incomprehensible that Deila intervened halfway through. Enter Canak and Perica. Dragus and Alzate were immediately allowed to visit the showers. Yet again it was the home team that drove the local supporters to despair with a huge miss. Sissako recovered well and served Gano perfectly, but he decided much too weak on Bodart. Even a striker can sometimes have a really bad day. On the other side, Perica headed a cross from Melegoni too weakly into Bostyn’s hands.

Misses Gano break Zulte Waregem sour against mak Standard that strikes mercilessly in the final phase

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Standard strikes in the final quarter

Those two possibilities shortly after the break were certainly not the prelude to an unparalleled second half that was full of tension or spectacle. On the contrary. Both teams continued to commit sloppy passes all too often and the game came to a standstill too often due to disturbing mistakes. Zinckernagel decided to go on an adventure himself, but the 27-year-old Dane’s shot flew right over Bostyn’s goal. Meanwhile, his buddy Raskin remained a shadow of the player who was the man of the match against Anderlecht last week.

Standard came up more and more during that second period and when Donnum opened subtly on Perica, a good intervention was needed from an attentive Bostyn. Meanwhile, Gano was sidelined for the home side. In his place came Offor. That switch did not immediately give Essevee more breathing room. Standard continued to camp more and more on half of the home team who themselves barely managed to turn up near Bodart.

Suddenly Standard claimed a penalty when Bostyn dived into Bokadi’s feet a little too enthusiastically. Ref Lardot did not immediately see any problems, but after an intervention by the VAR, he still awarded a penalty. Dussenne stepped to the penalty spot, remained icy calm and gave Standard a deserved lead. Moments later, the game was decided when Raskin went on an adventure. The young midfielder saw his fine attempt stranded on the crossbar, but in the recap Perica kicked the ball against the nets.

Essevee immediately hung in the ropes and the misery was not completely over: the substitute Tsouka took another completely unnecessary red card. In the added phase, a very mediocre Raskin juggled in the Waregem sixteen for a moment. The midfielder kept a good overview and served Perica cleverly, who was allowed to put the 0-3 final score on the scoreboard. An honor saver of Vossen was still rejected for offside. Next week the difficult move to Mechelen awaits Zulte Waregem. The relegation specter immediately reappears at the Gaverbeek.

Misses Gano break Zulte Waregem sour against mak Standard that strikes mercilessly in the final phase

Photo: BELGA

SV Zulte Waregem: Bostyn, Sissako, Fadera, Vigen (67′ Tsouka), Vossen, Ciranni, Tambedou, Rommens (85′ Ndour), Miroshi (85′ Drambaiev), Willen, Gano (67′ Offor)

Standard: Bodart, Dusenne, Dragus (46′ Canak), Donnum (89′ Boljevic), Alzate (46′ Perica), Bokadi, Melegoni (89′ Davida), Balikwisha, Raskin, Laifis, Zinckernagel (89′ Laursen)

Goals: 81′ Dusenne 0-1, 87′ Perica 0-2, 96′ Perica 0-3

Yellow cards: 4′ Ciranni, 15′ Zinckernagel

Red cards: 90′ Tsouka

Referee: Jonathan Lardot

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