FIA comes with text and explanation about why it thinks this penalty for Red Bull is appropriate

The FIA ​​has finally announced Red Bull’s penalty for exceeding its budget cap last race year. Max Verstappen’s team will be fined $7 million and will receive 10% less time in the wind tunnel next year. The motorsport federation is now explaining this penalty.

Red Bull has a total of 13 points breaking the rules. This varies from too much costs for catering to costs for the use of engines. The team itself admitted that it was wrong on all these points.


In a statement The FIA ​​said: “The Cost Cap Administration thought it appropriate in these circumstances to offer Red Bull an agreement for this matter. This is because Red Bull’s procedural violation was minimal: they had overspent less than 5 percent and because of the Red Bull’s willingness to accept the violations and cooperate with the Cost Cap Administration. The offer we made has been accepted by Red Bull.”

The motorsport federation also says that the case has now been settled and that it cannot be appealed. The FIA ​​also said it does not see the Austrian team as “fraudulent”. “Red Bull has been cooperative throughout the investigation and has attempted to provide additional information and evidence in a timely manner when requested.

“There is no allegation or evidence that Red Bull at any time attempted to act in bad faith, dishonestly or fraudulently, nor intentionally withheld information from the Cost Cap Administration.”

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