Activists of Ajax raise tens of thousands of euros for sick Haller: ‘Thank you!’

Ajax players and others involved have collected more than 11,000 for Borussia Dortmund striker Sébastien Haller. A malignant tumor was discovered in the 28-year-old attacker, which means that he is not allowed to play football for the time being.

Twitter account Van Pogo Tot Popo and Herjan Pullen, Coordinator Supporter Policy Match Affairs SV Ajax, led the campaign. Thursday morning they handed a huge get well card to Haller. The KWF received the check for no less than 11,350 euros.

Haller collection
“A huge thank you on behalf of Seb,” they wrote. “He thanks you all and doubles the amount!” The collection campaign will therefore amount to 22,700 euros collected.

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