Van Nistelrooij already seems to be resigned to PSV’s fate: ‘Probably next week’s decision’

PSV will not reach the 8th finals of the Europa League in one go, PSV coach Ruud van Nistelrooij thinks. If PSV becomes 1st in the Europa League group, it may skip the intermediate round. Arsenal is only 5 points ahead of Van Nistelrooij’s men. “It is most likely that Arsenal will be 1st in our group and that we have to play a decisive game in Norway next week.”

Van Nistelrooij therefore seems to be resigned to the fate of PSV. Should PSV stunt and beat Arsenal, then PSV must still hope that Arsenal lose to FC Zurich and beat Bodø/Glimt themselves.

‘Groningen already feels like 2 months ago’
PSV lost to FC Groningen (4-2) last weekend and so the confidence is not good. “Ah, Groningen feels like 2 months ago to me. Everything that could go wrong went wrong in a few minutes. You sometimes have that. I don’t think it will play a role on Thursday evening.”

Exam period
“It just has to become more stable and I have every confidence in that. The next 5 matches with duels with Arsenal, Bodø, Ajax and AZ feels like a kind of exam period. Then we know where we stand.”

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