The man behind the world goal from fourth provincial: “It was four years ago that I scored again”


Jens Verhellen’s spectacular opening goal in KSV De Ruiter’s fourth provincial match against KVK Avelgem B conquers the (online) world. The video has been viewed more than 2.3 million times on Twitter. “It was four years ago that I scored again,” says Jens. “Honestly, I didn’t think that ball would go in.”

Peter Malaise

In the match between KSV De Ruiter and KVK Avelgem B in the fourth provincial West Flanders, Jens Verhellen (24) of KVK Avelgem B scored a world goal. His shot from the sideline flew well over 35 yards with a bow in, just wide of the left goal post. The keeper tried to catch the ball, but reacted clearly too late to the unexpected shot.

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“We had just had a corner kick and the opponent set up a counter-attack,” says Anzegemnaar Jens, the man behind the world goal. “Our team was not yet organized. I’m the right back, so I kicked that ball away so we had time to position ourselves well. Suddenly everyone started cheering. So no, I really didn’t expect to score a goal. The last time I scored was four years ago. In the future I will try to score from a good distance, because you see, sometimes it pays off. It was also immediately 0-1. They had 21 on 21 points, we 19 on 21. Opening the top match with such a goal is simply the max.”

Already more than 2.3 million views

On Wednesday afternoon, the YouTube channel of camerawoman Els Leyman, the images had already been viewed 1,353 times, on Twitter we now have more than 2.3 million views. “Fellow players have forwarded the images to their channels that they follow on Instagram. It must have been picked up there,” says Jens. “Of course it’s nice to go around the world with my goal.”

By the way, Avelgem B won the match 0-3 and thus takes the lead in fourth provincial.

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