Club Brugge has a dramatic evening against strong Porto (0-4), which suddenly participates completely for group victory

It’s called a homemade cookie. Club Brugge lost 0-4 against FC Porto on Wednesday evening, the same score as during that legendary evening in the Dragon Stadium. Club was allowed to try twice from the spot at 0-1, but Vanaken and Lang missed. The first place in group B suddenly becomes a chore. Jan Breydel cursed.

“Either they start on the counter, or they start full full.” Prophetic words from Carl Hoefkens before kick-off, who chose his typical Champions League team with Lang to replace the suspended Sowah. After all, it became full full: blue-black had to undergo Portuguese mastery for more than half an hour. And should it be happy that it was not yet 0-3 at half time. First Eustaquio shot completely free in the box, after that no goal came from a pinball machine in front of Mignolet. The whole stadium held its breath a few times. Even when Galeno was allowed to finish all alone. He shot behind teammate Evanilson, who made the ball go wide. Club was outplayed at times, and at some point you just run out of luck.

So it couldn’t last. Certainly not when Mechele did not send his first hospital ball. Otavio said thank you, sent sniper Taremi deep and he pushed the ball right into the corner past Mignolet. He was disappointed: it was his first goal against during this Champions League campaign. On the other hand, Club could be happy that it was only 0-1 at half time. After all, a draw was enough for a group win, and towards halftime there was a bit more of a threat from Bruges. Under the impulse of an eager Lang, a few more threatening crosses came, but each time a Portuguese managed to get away. Zero shots on target before half time: we are not used to that at Club. It just had to be better in every way. At this level, you cannot succeed if you are not one hundred percent.


But hey, nothing happened, Hoefkens must have spoken during halftime. We were less than three minutes away when the ball was on the spot for Club Brugge. Carmo had slapped Mechele after a corner and the VAR called Oliver to the screen. Penalty and yellow. And then the unthinkable began. First Costa stopped Vanaken’s penalty, but it had to be retaken from the ref. Long smelled his chance. And that penalty also died on Costa’s fist. Club didn’t do what it had done for four matches in the Champions League: get the momentum. It would be very sorry for those missed penalty kicks.

Because it was one of those evenings for Club Brugge, but in the negative sense. Before the hour it was not 1-1, but 0-2. Mechele – unrecognizable on Wednesday evening – let Eustaquio roll into the corner, who reached the back line and could serve Evanilson. He worked the ball past Mignolet in two runs. Minutes later it even became 0-3. This time Eustaquio was alone at the second ball. Again, two attempts were needed to outwit Mignolet, but the third was inside. The Portuguese laughed up their sleeve. Because the second place in group B was getting closer and closer, but also because they served Club a taste of their own dough. They hadn’t forgotten about that beating in the Dragon Stadium, though. The fourth was yet to come. The Portuguese attackers rolled up the Bruges defense once again, with Taremi as the final station. 0-4, 70 minutes far. Four days of pure euphoria disappeared like snow in the sun, just like the advantage over Porto in the standings.

Suddenly Club has to count

After a dramatic evening, the group win is anything but a certainty for Club, which still has one point ahead of Porto and goes to Leverkusen with three suspensions. Because Sylla, Odoi and Onyedika ran into their third yellow card. And because Club and Porto balance each other perfectly over two matches, the goal difference will soon be the deciding factor if the number of points is equal. And Porto is currently doing (slightly) better there. Club should do at least as well as Porto next week. Or hope that Atlético will still win in Porto on the last day of play. A whole calculation that was really not necessary for anything.

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