Special request from Ukraine to FIFA: ‘Let us go to the World Cup instead of Iran’

The chairman of Shakthar Donetsk has made a special request to FIFA. He wants his country, Ukraine, to replace Iran at the upcoming World Cup in Qatar.

The war-torn country would then find itself in a group with England, the United States and Wales. Sergei Palkin wrote in a statement on his club’s website that Iran does not deserve to go to the World Cup because they support Russia in the war. “While the Iranian government will soon be enjoying their country’s matches at the World Cup, Ukrainians will be killed with their drones. About 250 have attacked peaceful cities in Ukraine so far.”

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‘Kids killed’
Palkin therefore called on the World Football Association to ban the country in the Middle East from the world championship. “The country is directly involved in terrorist attacks against Ukrainians. Thanks to their drones, houses, universities, offices and many other buildings have been destroyed and Ukrainians have been killed. Also children, children who dreamed of seeing their country in action at a World Cup one day .”

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