🎥​ | Veronica Offside does not understand Arne Slot’s statements about a lack of goals: ‘What does he mean?’

Feyenoord coach Arne Slot recently said: “It is not new that we need many attempts to score a goal. And I think I know why that is. I think we all know that”. The gentlemen at the table with Veronica Offside went into that: what is it then?!

Wilfred Genee points out that not a single journalist in the press room asked what Slot exactly meant. That’s why Wim Kieft tried to fill it in. “Santiago Gimenez doesn’t get a single decent ball,” he reasoned.

Andy van der Meijde said: “The slot changes a lot in terms of positions. A lot. That is not good for the team. You do not know where you stand as a player.”

Wesley Sneijder added: “They don’t have the Cody Gakpo type, who walks by everyone and is in the far corner. He will have to think about how to serve the current attackers.”

But what exactly was Slot referring to? So the gentlemen were not 100% behind that either.

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