Verstappen shares season record for most victories after a tough battle with Hamilton in US

Max Verstappen has won the United States Grand Prix. That was not easy, because he still had to overtake Lewis Hamilton in the final laps. Red Bull, meanwhile, won the Constructors’ Championship in Austin, Texas. Double celebration for Verstappen! And he also holds a shared record; more about that at the bottom of this article.

At the start, Verstappen (from P2) was better than polesitter Carlos Sainz and immediately took the lead in the race. Sainz didn’t have luck on his side anyway, as George Russell knocked him off the track in the 1st corner. The Spaniard was unable to continue driving, as a result of which the constructors’ title for Red Bull was almost in.

On lap 11 of 56, Sergio Pérez was in P4, right behind both Mercedes drivers. The Mexican started with a grid penalty on P9. Charles Leclerc meanwhile had moved up from P12 to 7th place. The Monegask had to keep up the Ferrari honor by the retirement of Sainz.

Verstappen went into the hard tire pits on lap 14 (out of 56). He came back on track in P2, behind teammate Pérez. A lap later the Mexican also came in: Pérez came back on track ahead of Russell. Not surprising, because the Englishman had to serve a 5-second penalty in the pits for tapping Sainz.

Bottas loses him
Valtteri Bottas lost his car on lap 18 and then couldn’t get it to work again. safety car! That made it easy for Leclerc to make a pit stop. The Ferrari driver dropped back to P4, just behind Pérez. Hamilton was in P2 at the time.

Safety Car XL
After the 1st Safety Car, another Safety Car came almost immediately. On the straight, Fernando Alonso wanted to pass Lance Stroll, but the Aston Martin driver ducked in front of him at the last minute. The Spaniard flew through the air with 2 wheels. Alonso was able to continue after a pit stop, Stroll dropped out.

On lap 30 of 56, Leclerc came from very far, but put his Ferrari next to Pérez’s car. Great overtaking and P3 for Leclerc. Hamilton saw it all happening in his side mirrors. 5 laps later the Brit went in for new hards. Interesting for race leader Verstappen, because the Dutchman was only 1.5 seconds ahead of Hamilton.

Pit stop gone wrong!
A lap later, Verstappen came in for new mediums, but that pit stop went completely wrong. He came back onto the track behind Hamilton and Leclerc. On lap 39, Verstappen tried to overtake Leclerc for the first time, but the Dutchman overshot. A little later in the same lap it still worked: P3 for Verstappen. Sebastian Vettel still had to pit and was briefly in P1, Hamilton drove 4.5 seconds ahead of Verstappen in P2.

In lap 50 the time had finally come. Verstappen had to pound hard to get to Hamilton and on lap 50 of 56 he was able to catch the Briton on the straight. DRS open and go. Verstappen eventually held on to P1. Leclerc was 3rd, ahead of Pérez, Russell and Alonso.

Verstappen has already won 13 races this season. He is now the joint record holder, along with Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher. Verstappen still has 3 races to go to break the record.

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