NASCAR wrangler Wallace apologizes for misconduct: ‘Passion turned frustration’

Racing driver Bubba Wallace has apologized for his misconduct at last Sunday’s NASCAR race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The 29-year-old racer clashed with colleague Kyle Larson both on and off the track. On Monday, Wallace said sorry via social media.

The 2 were at each other’s throats at the NASCAR Cup Series race and they eventually did. Initially, the 2 ruffs still crashed, after which Wallace visited his 30-year-old compatriot several times and pushed him away.

Excuses Bubba Wallace
“I want to apologize for my actions,” Wallace wrote. “I try to perform with passion, to achieve the best. At times this passion turns into frustration.” And so his reactions weren’t acceptable, Wallace reflected.

“Looking back, I should have known better. I should have respected the standards and values ​​of my team and sponsors and I didn’t. My frustrations got the better of me both inside and outside the car.” A teaching moment, he decided. “You win or learn, I’m obviously doing the latter.” Larson hasn’t responded yet.

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