| Monica Geuze candid about relationship with ex Lars Veldwijk: ‘Break was the best choice ever’

Professional football player Lars Veldwijk (former player of, among others, Excelsior, PEC Zwolle, FC Groningen and Sparta) had a relationship with Monica Geuze, a well-known YouTube star and influencer. They became parents to Zara-Lizzy in 2018, but broke up a year later. Geuze (27) discussed in a video her relationship and break with Veldwijk (31), who is now active in South Korea.

“For us it has been the best choice ever not to be together, because we are absolutely not good in a relationship together. I have to laugh about it afterwards, from: what we’re we thinking. But it’s all the better that it can now be done together.”

Lunch together
“I was on the phone with Lars. And we talked about how we are going to arrange everything in terms of planning with Zara-Lizzy. He is coming to the Netherlands and I have to leave a lot for work”, Geuze started her story. “We were coordinating everything and I suddenly realized that we can treat each other in such a friendly and respectful way again. That has not been the case for a long time. We have not been apart for a while for nothing.”

Geuze announced that she, Veldwijk and Zara-Lizzy are now doing activities together. “During the period when we broke up and he moved to South Korea, it hasn’t been easy, I’ll leave it at that. I don’t think I shared anything about that often enough. Because it was also painful, for both of us. We are now at a time when we are saying to each other, ‘Let’s go have lunch with the three of us’. That gives so much peace. That is the peace that I feared would never come.”

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