See where to watch Montevideo Wanderers vs Plaza Colonia live with images, lineups and tips

Montevideo Wanderers vs Plaza Colonia: see how to watch the game live, lineups, refereeing, tips and tips. — © Football Team

Learn how to watch Montevideo Wanderers x Plaza Colonia live, online or on TV, for the Uruguayan Championship. Plus, see likely lineups, refereeing, time, match location, predictions and odds.

In short, the game will pass in the Star+at 5:30 pm (GMT), this Monday (October 17), at the Parque Alfredo Victor Viera Stadium, located in Montevideo, capital of Uruguay.


Competition First Division
Data Mon, Oct 17, 2022
Local Alfredo Victor Park Stadium
Time 17h30 (BR)
where to watch Star+

where to watch Montevideo Wanderers x Plaza Colonia live and online

open TV no transmission
closed TV no transmission
Pay-per-view Star+
Internet Star+
Application Star+

Possible lineup of Montevideo Wanderers: Nicholas; Emiliano, John, Mauro and John; Kevin Rolon, Diego Hernandez, Martin, Nicolas and Bruno Veglio.

Probable lineup of Plaza Colonia: Yvo; George, James, Ramiro and Nicholas; Nicolas Guirin, Hezekiah, Augustin Herenda and Alvaro Fernandez, Nathaniel Guzman and Facundo Kidd.

About the Uruguayan Championship

In short, the Uruguayan Championship is also known as First Professional Division of Uruguayhas 16 teams, where they face each other in consecutive points.

Guesses and probabilities

Finally, check the guess and probability for the result of the game, according to the current moment and the way each team arrives for the match.

Montevideo Wanderers 40%
A tie 30%
Colonia Square 30%

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