| Bare-fisted brawler thanks opponent who knocked him through the ropes: ‘Learned a lot!’

Wow! Bare-fisted fighter JD Burns literally got knocked out of the ring at his BYB Extreme Bare Knucle 12 fight at London’s 02 Indigo Arena last Sunday! The Romanian Englishman Ionel Levitchi completely pounded the 31-year-old American through the ropes of the triangular ring.

The clash between ‘The Berserker’, as Burns’ nickname is, and ‘Lions’ was over after a minute. After a huge bellowing left from Levitchi, Burns went KO. He fell through the ropes and had to be lifted back by those present.

Afterwards, he thanked all his supporters via Instagram and had praise for his opponent.

Through the ropes-KO
“I’m okay, thank you all. I learned a lot from this. I took a hard L, but I’m not injured. ‘Just’ a flash KO. My next gig will be just as fun, I promise. I made a new friend. Congratulations Ionel!” Sporty!

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