Finn Stokkers beats Andries Noppert in extremis: Go Ahead and Heerenveen share the points

After a terribly boring 1st half, the match between Go Ahead Eagles and sc Heerenveen came to life in the 2nd half. Andries Noppert excelled at the Frisians, but eventually had to take the equalizer from Finn Stokkers in injury time. It was 1-1 in Deventer.

The 1st half was not one to remember for long. The pace was very slow on both sides and hardly any chances were created. Only just before half time did De Adelaarshorst bounce a bit with excitement. Isac Lidberg of the Eagles wanted a penalty after he was knocked down in the Heerenveen penalty area, but referee Dennis Higler did not agree. That is why the players went to tea with the glasses stand.

More had happened in the first 10 minutes after the break than in the entire 1st half. Thom Haye volleyed a ball from great distance into the left corner and gave the visitors a 1-0 lead. Shortly afterwards, Heerenveen goalkeeper Andries Noppert was put to work by Bobby Adekanye, but the tall goalkeeper was able to get the shot easily.

Noppert excels
Noppert proved his worth again with 20 minutes left when he saved a shot from Finn Stokkers. The rebound also failed. It was at the stage of the match where Go Ahead took the initiative and looked for the equalizer. That equalizer was also scored with 10 minutes to go, but the VAR saw that Oliver Edvardsen’s big toe was offside and so the goal for Go Ahead did not go through.

The Eagles kept pushing and saw Stokkers finally beat Noppert in extra time. That was certainly not unjustified. After Heerenveen’s goal, it was Go Ahead that set the tone in Deventer. Heerenveen was hardly involved. 1-1 was the final score in De Adelaarshorst.

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