Worries for Neymar: Monday to Barcelona for fraud trial, investment firm wants him in prison for 5 years (!)

The civil party is the Brazilian investment company DIS, which claims that it was fraudulently missing out on several million euros in Neymar’s transfer from Santos to Barcelona in 2013.

DIS had 40% of Neymar’s transfer rights and the higher the transfer fee, the more money she would collect. The firm claims that the transfer amount was proposed lower so that less money would go to DIS and that Neymar and his family were aware of this. Neymar denies all allegations of fraud.

The current case dates back to 2017, when a judge ruled that there were indeed irregularities in the transfer, but the debate was whether Neymar and his parents were aware of them. On appeal, the Spanish Supreme Court ruled that the case should effectively go to trial.

On Monday, on the first day of the trial, Neymar must appear in person in court. It is not clear whether he will have to stay in the Catalan capital for the rest of the trial, which could take up to two weeks. In that case, Neymar would have to miss matches with PSG.

The other defendants are Neymar’s parents, his former Brazilian club Santos FC Barcelona, ​​former Barca presidents Josep Maria Bartomeu and Sandro Rosell and ex-Santos president Odilio Rodrigues.

Baker McKenzie, the law firm that defends Neymar, said in a statement that the Spanish courts have no jurisdiction because it concerns facts of Brazilian citizens outside Spanish territory. Moreover, the offenses are not punishable in Brazil, according to Baker McKenzie.

According to FC Barcelona, ​​the transfer fee at the time was 57.1 million euros, of which 40 million euros was paid to Neymar’s family.

Fine of 149 million euros demanded against FC Barcelona

Due to this construction, DIS had to content itself with 40 percent of the remaining 17.1 million euros that was paid to Santos. “While there were clubs that wanted to pay 60 million euros for Neymar,” said DIS, which now asks for five years in prison for the Brazilian player, as well as prison terms for Rosell and Bartomeu and a fine of 149 million euros.

The prosecution is demanding a two-year prison sentence against Neymar, €10 million in damages, a €8.4 million fine for FC Barcelona and five years in prison for Rosell.

The chances are very slim that Neymar will actually have to go to jail. A prison sentence of up to two years for a first offense should not be served in Spain. Many top football players, including Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, were once sentenced to such prison sentences in Spain, but were therefore not allowed to grumble.

Neymar is already well acquainted with the court. Last year he reached an agreement with ex-club Barcelona after years of legal battles over unpaid bonuses. He demanded €46.3 million for Barca, but the club went on the counter-offensive and sued Neymar for breach of contract. Ultimately, it came to a settlement of 6.7 million euros.

Neymar has indicated in the past that the current case weighs on him.

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