KV Kortrijk swears by the antics of wild waters and tastemakers: they were the Ilic, Selemani and Lamkel Zé of their time

Glenn Verbauwhede, a flamboyant Ilic

KV Kortrijk has never had many real top keepers. Who knows, that honor may later be reserved for Marko Ilic, because the Serb often keeps the Veekaa upright on his own. Glenn Verbauwhede may not have been the very best, but he was the most flamboyant. The goalkeeper who once made his teammates crawl under the seats of the car when he suddenly pulled out a flashing light, was also on the bench during his Kortrijk period, because Hein Vanhaezebrouck preferred Peter Mollez, the current goalkeeper coach of Simon Mignolet.

Kortrijk played at home against KV Mechelen and in the far too small rooms Verbauwhede was peeing side by side with opponent Bjorn Vleminckx. He explained his competitor Mollez’s weaknesses and how to knock him out. Vleminckx ran madly to the Mechelen dressing room, where Xavier Chen picked up the news and went to tell Hein Vanhaezebrouck. He was furious and Verbauwhede was able to explain and sit on the couch. Now he trains the youth keepers of KV Kortrijk.

Teddy Chevalier, with a grain of salt like Lamkel Zé

Didier Lamkel Zé’s antics are uncountable, but the Cameroonian can play football and help a team to points and prizes, like Antwerp to the cup. Teddy Chevalier could do that too, the Frenchman always made a decisive goal. At Zulte Waregem, RKC and Lens he sooner or later got a ticket and he could also get on his nerves at KV Kortrijk. Nevertheless, they cherished their Teddy. Everyone laughed when he unluckily set his garage on fire during his Waregem period. Most of the antics, however, were whoops and roars.

On the banks of the Lys, they also knew to take Chevalier’s words with a grain of salt. He once swore that he would stay, but the next morning he signed in Turkey. Matthias Leterme sometimes went to sleep with a blissful feeling. Late at night he got another text from Chevalier who was so happy with his new contract, but the next morning the CEO choked on his coffee when he read in the papers that Chevalier was furious because there was no respect and appreciation. was for him and he should have signed a bad contract.

Chevalier has still not forgotten about scoring and is now doing so for first national Franc Borains, the club of MR chairman Georges-Louis Bouchez. So a perfect duo.

Johan Vermeersch, the Selemani of the 1970s

The whole of Kortrijk is now praying that Faïz Selemani will be there against the Boers on Saturday, but in the 1970s they could not miss Johan Vermeersch. The ex-chairman of RWDM and Brussels was born in Langemark, where as a young boy he went to walk and play football in the military cemeteries, which is nevertheless prohibited. Vermeersch learned to run so fast that it was even a running joke in Kortrijk: open the gates of the stadium, because once Vermeersch is up to speed, he will break out and continue. Later as a trainer, entrepreneur and headstrong chairman, Vermeersch was immensely annoyed by the mentality of the players. As a player, he himself was docile. Vermeersch was what is now called a winger, at the time that was a right winger.

His trainer Lucien Masyn demanded that he remain open right along or on the sidelines. Back then there were no colored shoes and only black ones were available. However, Vermeersch had to step off the field with a white right shoe from Masyn through the chalk of the sideline. Vermeersch is now 70 years old and was in charge of his construction company in Ternat for a long time.

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