AA Gent avoids embarrassment, but Buffalo’s lose no chance in Sweden in the Conference League

Mission Djugarden was started by AA Gent with Roef in goal. He replaced Nardi, who still appeared at the kick-off in Eupen. In addition, Hjuslager started on the left as a replacement for the injured Castro-Montes. In the front, Depoitre started alongside Cuypers. With the home team, coach Bergstrand chose to rotate considerably and so Banda (ex-Ostend) and ex-Buffalo Wikheim also appeared at the kick-off in the Tele2 Arena.

The title fight in our own country and the derby against AIK Solna that is on the program on Sunday were no stranger to this. The home fans present did not mind and immediately threw themselves into the bat. The atmosphere was already impressive before kick-off and also inspired the home players to immediately attack: Wikheim quickly appeared in the Ghent sixteen but decided on the well-executed Roef.

Gent was not fooled by that Swedish fury and the Buffalos systematically tried to take matters into their own hands and in the opening quarter Ngadeu headed a corner from Hong narrowly over. Still, the Vanhaezebrouck players let themselves be caught a little too often making wrong choices to really get the home team in trouble.

On the contrary, with a quick breakout Holmberg – on a pass from Wikheim – immediately gave Djurgarden the lead. That goal did not immediately shake AA Gent. Under the impulse of an industrious Hong, the Buffalos went looking for a quick equalizer, but Dame Fortuna was not on the side of the visitors: Cuypers first kicked a beckoning opportunity into the side net and moments later Hjulsager actually hit the bar.

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The home team escaped and when Eriksson unleashed his devils again on the stroke of half-time, Wikheim was actually allowed to pull the trigger: 2-0. The Swedes turned out to be masters of efficiency. In the added time of the first half, the Buffalos went under completely because after a free kick by Eriksson, Banda – left alone – headed the ball past Roef (3-0). Once again the Ghent defense did not show itself to be reliable.

Wikheim with the neck shot just after the break

The cautious optimism that had taken hold of the Gent after the win in Eupen had completely evaporated after 45 minutes of football. The second half started just as dramatically: Asoro reached the back line and crossed to Wikheim, who hit the target in one time. Ghent was now really hanging in the ropes and the fans Djurgarden were crowing with joy. The 300 Buffalo fans who had traveled with them were already thinking about the return flight home.

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Vanhaezebrouck threw in three more fresh forces with Godeau, Nurio and De Sart. They put Odjidja, Hong and Torunarigha out of their misery. Depoitre softened on the hour on a pass from Nurio, but that goal did not turn out to be the start of an unlikely comeback. With substitute Hauge as the main protagonist, Ghent insisted a bit and Cuypers even hit the mark again, but there was nothing more to it.

On Sunday, however, the home match against KV Mechelen will follow and next Wednesday there will also be a game visiting Union. Ghent has worked itself into a lot of trouble in recent weeks and the patience and understanding of the supporters is gradually starting to appear. You can bet that the Ghent board and the technical staff of the Buffalos will be under high voltage in the coming days.

Djurgarden: Vasyutin; Johansson, Danielson, Ekdal (25′ Löfgren); Andersson, Eriksson (62′ Bengtsson), Banda, Sabovic;, Asoro (62′ Radetinac); Holmberg (80′ Ademi), Wikheim (62′ Edvardsen)

AA People: Roef; Okumu, Ngadeu, Torunarigha; Samoise, Owusu, Hong, Hjulsager; Odjidja, Depoitre; Cuypers

Goals: 21′ Holmberg 1-0, 42′ Wikheim 2-0 , 45′ Banda 3-0, 46′ Wikheim 4-0, 61′ Depoitre 4-1, 73′ Cuypers 4-2

Yellow cards: Johansson, Cuypers and Nurio

Red cards: Referee: Manfredas Lukjančukas (LIT)

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