Ewoud Pletinckx returns with OHL to the club of his youth: “From next week it can start to improve at Zulte Waregem”

The 0-3 defeat against Union last week was an exception, but in the back it is all pretty good at OH Leuven this year. This is largely due to Defense leader Ewoud Pletinckx. He signed a contract last summer until 2026. Tonight he will return to his previous employer for the first time.

Do you feel tension to return to Waregem?

“It certainly feels different from any other race, but it’s not like I’m putting any more pressure on myself. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone off the field again, but I don’t expect a big impact during the game.”

How do you feel about returning there?

“With pleasure. I have always enjoyed sitting there and will certainly not return with a bad feeling. In the past few weeks I have also been able to watch a match of Zulte Waregem.”

Is it going to be weird coming in there wearing another team’s attire?

“It’s the first time, so I don’t know, but it must be special. Apart from OH Leuven, it is the only team I have ever played for. Then it will certainly do something to me to return the first time.”

Do you still have good contacts at Zulte Waregem?

“I can still hear Sammy Bossut in particular. We have always agreed very well.”

Essevee is very last. Do you live with that?

“Definitely. And I hope things get better there. That can start from next week. I really hope they stay in it. It’s not that I wish them to fail because I’m gone. On the contrary. I will always think it is a beautiful club.”

How do you look back on the first months in Leuven?

“We have made a good start as a team, and so have I. I’ve played everything so far and that’s what I came here for.”

We did receive some messages from doubters about your transfer in the tenor: “What does OHL see in that?”

“I have never doubted myself. Last year I sometimes went down at Zulte Waregem in a poorly performing team, but here I show that I can handle a high level with good players around me.”

How did the trip to the national U21 go?

“Good. We have shown that we can go to the European Championship next summer with ambition.”

Are you assuming a European Championship selection?

“If I can maintain this level, I wouldn’t understand if I’m not there. I especially hope that I can keep my starting position, but that will not be easy. With Koni De Winter, Ignace Van der Brempt, Marco Kana and also Arthur Theate, who can drop out of the first team, there is a lot of competition.”

Is that European Championship an important goal for you in the coming year?

“Anyway. During the negotiations with OHL I also said that I absolutely want to make minutes this season in the run-up to that European Championship.”

Have you already completed your studies as a real estate agent?

“Yes, I’ve been ready since last summer.”

And have you graduated now?

“No, I started legal practice in distance learning. I think it’s important to also keep busy in the field of study. In principle it will take four years, but I will do it at my own pace.”

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