Amsterdam police receive reinforcements from Belgium: own water throwers are broken

It sounds like the beginning of a bad Belgian joke: “Are 2 Belgian water throwers arriving in Amsterdam…”. But it is now reality. The water cannons of the Amsterdam police are broken and so 2 of these have grown out of their clutches. Super Soakers came to the Dutch capital.

For the Champions League match between Ajax and Napoli, mayor Femke Halsema and the rest of the local triangle already expect rottenness, because you are not even allowed to take your balaclava into the city on Tuesday. Against AT5 A police spokesperson confirmed that the own cars have ‘technical defects’.

“Tomorrow at the Johan Cruijff Arena, only the 2 water throwers of the Belgian colleagues will be present,” said the spokesman. After the race, the 2 ‘spray trucks’, as they are called in Belgium, will return to their own country. It is not known why the Dutch water throwers are broken.

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