| Tennis player drives home crowd crazy with this perfect point ALONG the net

Tennis player Soonwoo Kwon performed something very special in his doubles match in front of his own audience at the Eugene Korea Open! In the match against the Swede André Göransson and New Zealand Japanese Ben McLachlan, the 24-year-old South Korean shoved a point very cunningly past the net.

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Together with partner Chung Hyeon, Kwon had started the tiebreak of the 1st, when Kwon returned an equally cunning ball even crazier. With the action, he got the audience on the benches at the Olympic Park Tennis Center in Seoul.

No net needed
In the end, the fans definitely got their money’s worth. In 7-6 (7-4), 2-6, 10-7, the game went to the South Koreans, who reached the semifinals.

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