Amsterdam is already heading for the exit at the Euro Hockey League

The Euro Hockey League (EHL) adventure for Amsterdam was short-lived. In the 8th finals, it lost to the Belgian La Gantoise after a shoot-out. In regular time, the 2 teams got no further than a 1-1 tie. The shoot-out was eventually won 4-2 by the Belgian team.

Amsterdam started better and certainly had more claim to a goal in the first 2 quarters, which also came after the break. It was Mirco Pruyser who scored for Amsterdam. Unfortunately, the goal of Alexander Cox’s men could not stay clean. A tip-in from Roman Duvekot outwitted goalkeeper Joren Romijn.

The star of the shoot-out was Gantoise’s goalkeeper: Tomas Santiago. He did crucial work in the shoot-out, which allowed his team to win. It is a shame for the team from Amsterdam, who cut Lille 6-1 in the previous round.

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