Now it really is autumn! 1st mass start of new skating season has been held

Friday September 23 marks the start of the astronomical autumn in 2022. Now that summer is really over, we can immediately start this post-Olympic skating season. That has happened: Friday the 1st mass start of 2022-23 took place.

Bart Hoolwerf won the men’s competition, while Marijke Groenewoud (photo) in the Elfstedenhal (Leeuwarden) was the strongest for the women. A lot of all-rounders took part, including Patrick Roest, Marcel Bosker and Wesly Dijs.

Actually, the cracks of team Reggeborgh would skate the blubber before their eyes for Victor Ramler. He wants to develop on the mass start this season. But unfortunately he was ill, so his helpers were allowed to take a free role.

Roest has no further ambitions in this area, he told

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