| MMA fighter Da Silva ends demolition with THIS unprecedented hard knee

The fighters Juan da Silva and Victor Barda made it a true MMA party at FFC 53. Both fighting machines exchanged several takedowns, after which Da Silva took the win after a treacherous knee.

‘El Terror’ and ‘La Hiena’ both needed the 1st round to warm up but after the bell rang for the 2nd, both went wild. Borda knocked Da Silva down and got him with his back against the fence. Da Silva then lived up to his nickname by standing still and then terrorizing Borda to the ground.

Rock hard knee turns out to be good for MMA victory
Afterwards, a stand upfight in which Da Silva (11-6-1) used his knees as the main weapon. 1 of these pets became Borda (5-5) too much.

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