Newcomer Philip Zinckernagel pushes pale Club Brugge from European cloud and delivers Standard 12 to 12

Newcomer Philip Zinckernagel pushes pale Club Brugge from European cloud and delivers Standard 12 to 12

Sclessin is not the Dragon Stadium: Club Brugge is once again with their feet on the ground after a sour Sunday evening. At Standard it never claimed the points and lost 3-0. Zinckernagel gave the efficient Rouches 12 out of 12 with two great goals, Balikwisha put the icing on the cake (and was immediately allowed to take a shower).

It was a party at Sclessin: the Ultra’s of the home team celebrated their 25th anniversary, and half an hour before kick-off, some impressive tifo’s were already deployed. The atmosphere of the big days, helped by the recent 9 out of 9. You had to pay attention for Club Brugge, where Hoefkens made one change compared to the victory march in Porto. Yaremchuk replaced Jutgla – last Tuesday the Spanish goal-getter was still man of the match in the Champions League, on Standard he started on the bench.

Earlier this week it went remarkably smoothly at Porto, at Standard the engine started a lot more difficult with the national champion. Blauw-Zwart got the ball from a well-organized Standard, but couldn’t create big chances. Balikwisha quickly warned – he scored from an offside position – that the Liège counterattacks could be vicious. The industrious Zinckernagel was also looking forward to it. His first attempt went just wide, but on the half hour the Dane got far too much time on the edge of the sixteen. With a beautiful curl, the striker left Mignolet on the spot: 1-0. Sclessin exploded, Club had to work hard. A pale Yaremchuk immediately tried to threaten but saw his ball in front of the goal untouched. On the other side, Skov Olsen had killed some good attacks with a bad cross. It was all bland what Club served up on Sunday evening: it didn’t decorate a single shot on target during the first half.

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It had to be better, and after the break the pressure around Standard’s goal area increased. Club soon seemed to get a penalty. Nielsen hit Dussenne’s elbow, Vergoote pointed to the dot. The VAR intervened and eventually that decision was overturned. The gameplay didn’t really change that much. Club was again allowed to keep possession of the ball, Standard pointed back when they could. Also in minute 65. Sylla continued injudiciously on Zinckernagel, who skilfully passed the Ivorian around. Mechele and Mignolet also went for the ax after a hip swing and shot in the farthest corner: 2-0 for Standard. Club was now in serious trouble, and was also getting a bit frustrated. Sylla flirted with red, among other things, and was taken to the side for Boyata. Nusa and Sobol also came in.

Those substitutions no longer caused a turnaround, and at Club people gradually felt that it was not before Sunday evening. Threat was only possible through Vanaken’s head, who did not get a single header. Symbolic was also a free kick around the sixteen that was bluntly kicked by Nielsen, but certainly not the least at Club. There was no final offensive – despite five minutes of extra time – and the festivities could finally be started in the stands. The icing on the cake came in injury time: Balikwisha headed in a nice dribble and accompanying cross from Raskin. The young man took off his sweater and was allowed to take a shower. Standard never ran into problems against a pale Club Brugge and thus boasts 12 out of 12: who would have thought that after a mediocre start to the season. The national champion then waited a long bus ride after a sour Sunday evening. A series of seven victories in a row in Belgium and Europe came to an end at Sclessin.

Newcomer Philip Zinckernagel pushes pale Club Brugge from European cloud and delivers Standard 12 to 12

Photo: BELGA

Standard: Bodart, Dewaele (84′ Melegoni), Dussenne, Bokadi, Donnum (76′ Laursen), Cimirot (76′ Noubi), Raskin, Amallah, Balikwisha, Dragus (76′ Perica), Zinckernagel (80′ Davida

Club Brugge: Mignolet, Odoi, Mechele, Sylla (70′ Boyata), Meijer (70′ Sobol), Onyedika, Nielsen, Vanaken, Skov Olsen, Sowah (70′ Nusa), Yaremchuk (60′ Jutgla)

Goals: 30′ Zinckernagel (Balikwisha) 1-0, 64′ Zinckernagel (Balikwisha) 2-0, 90′ Balikwisha (Raskin)

Yellow cards: 61′ Sylla, 61′ Dragus, 77′ Onyedika, 82′ Dewaele, 88′ Balikwisha, 90′ Balikwisha

Red cards: 90′ It’s over

Referee: Jasper Vergoote

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