Mario Gonzalez especially wants to play a lot at OH Leuven: “I had other options that were better paid”

With three goals in as many games, he has all but missed his start. The hunger of Mario Gonzalez (26), the new Spanish striker of OH Leuven, is far from satisfied. ‘El Pistolero’, as his nickname is, with the matching shooting gesture after each goal, is burning with ambition. “I would like to play for the national team.”

Confident but at the same time sympathetic and above all not arrogant. Mario Gonzalez, who is hired from the Portuguese Braga, makes that impression during his first interview. Remarkably good at language also in French for a Spaniard.

How come you speak French so well?

“I played football for Clermont and learned it very quickly there. It was necessary. Everyone spoke French. And it has often come in handy after that to communicate better with other players.”

Do you already understand a few words of Dutch? We saw a witty video where Casper De Norre tries to teach you ‘to the left’ and ‘to the right’.

“That was easy, but I don’t understand anything else yet. I would like to learn the basics, so that I at least know the most important football terms.”

Explain why you chose OH Leuven at the end of August?

“Conversations with the CEO and the coach, among others, gave me a good feeling. I had other options that paid better, but money isn’t the main thing. I wanted to play, and preferably in a club with ambition.”

Do you have a goal in mind, something you still want to achieve in your career?

“I would love to play for the national team, but it won’t be easy. I can only give everything.”

Is a return to La Liga also a goal?

“Somewhere yes, but another major league, such as the Premier League, is also good.”

What else do you need to get better at to end up in a top competition again?

“Score more. I’ve really learned that over the years. You can still play as well as you want, as a striker, your number of goals is first and foremost looked at. At Villarreal I played very well, but I scored too little, and had to leave.”

OH Leuven has a purchase option with Braga. Are you interested in staying here for more than a year?

“Sure. If I didn’t agree, that option wouldn’t have been in my contract.”

Are you the typical striker who lives to score goals?

“Absolute. All my life I’ve been thinking about one thing: scoring goals. That is why I play football, but on the other hand I am a striker who likes to help the team to bring good football.”

Do you have any goals in mind this season?

“No i never do that. If I say fifteen now, it might have been twenty and I have limited myself. Just as much as possible.”

The coach says you are better in competition than in training. Do you need the pressure of a stadium?

“The mentality is different here than in Spain, I noticed. There the competitions are of a different intensity than the training sessions. We train here every day. That’s new to me.”

Where does your nickname come from The gunmanfrom?

“That was Xisco Nadal’s gesture, and when he was my coach, I got injured. When I returned I promised I would do the gesture if I scored and I haven’t stopped since. I am also a big cycling fan and Alberto Contador, who made the same gesture, is an idol of mine.”

Why does it even say Mario G. on your sweater?

“My full name is Mario Gonzalez Gutierrez. In Spain you get the last name of your father and mother and with that g I can honor them both.”

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