L’Équipe rewards Max Verstappen with a 10: this is what the foreign media said about him

The international sports newspapers were full of Max Verstappen on Monday morning. The Dutchman flew over the Spa-Francorchamps circuit on Sunday and won the Belgian Grand Prix with playful ease, despite starting P14. The Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws says: “It no longer seems to be a question of whether Verstappen will take his second world title in a row, but in which race.”

And they agree on that in every country. The Teamthe French newspaper that is known for sharing figures, rewarded Verstappen’s performance with a 10. The French wrote: “Max Verstappen drives on his planet alone. His competition can only applaud and watch in amazement as the Dutchman to the second world title.”

Brand also gave Verstappen’s performance a rating, but only got a 9. Perhaps the Spaniards were a bit sour that Carlos Sainz couldn’t take advantage of Verstappen’s low starting position.

Of BBC meanwhile, almost sees the records of Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel smashed. “The record of number of victories in 1 season stands at 13 and is in the hands of Schumacher and Vettel. That record now looks very vulnerable with Verstappen on 9 victories.” There are still 8 races to go this season.

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L’Équipe gives Verstappen a 10! This is what the foreign media said about his Spa victory

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