No stunt from Belgian Lions against Greek Freak and Greece

For the Belgian Lions after a win against Great Britain a 1 on 2 in the decisive World Cup preliminary round. Qualification for a first World Cup, from August 25 to September 15, 2023 in Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines, remains under discussion. The top three in the group are qualified. The next two games are in November. In Turkey and in the Mons Arena versus Greece. Both countries will then not be able to have their NBA and Euroleague players at their disposal. There is therefore an opportunity for the Lions, although strong holders such as Ismael Bako (Virtus Bologna) and Retin Obasohan (ASVEL Villeurbanne) also play in the Euroleague. “Winning our home games and taking one on the road is still the approach,” says national coach Dario Gjergja.

Greece quickly distanced itself in a frenzied atmosphere. Defensively, the Lions did not respond well in the first slide with block shots and dunks from Ismael Bako and three-pointers from Alex Libert: 30-15. In the second quarter, the Belgians held their ground. Pierre-Antoine Gillet, a bomb from Retin Obasohan made it 40-26 and Gillet recorded the rest figures in the closing second of the first half: 49-33.

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The Belgian Lions came out of the dressing room strong via Manu Lecomte and Retin Obasohan: 49-37. The class of Nick Calathes and Tyler Dorsey (NBA) and the strong inside play of Giannis Antetokounmpo stopped the Belgian remonte: 59-40 and 64-44. In the final quarter Kevin Tumba was excluded after a serious error. The Greek Freak’s show, who missed many free throws, went on beautifully: 68-48. The Lions were not intimidated, they did suffer a lot of ball losses (23), were able to counter, but the Greeks still accelerated (76-51) in the final phase and won with signed numbers.

On Monday, the Belgian Lions will travel to Georgia via Istanbul, Turkey. They will start the European Championship in Tbilisi on Thursday.

Greece-Belgium 85-68 Quartz: 30-15, 19-18, 15-11, 21-24GREECE: (32 op 61 shots, waaran 8 op 23 driepunters, 13 op 27 vrijworpen en 20 founten) DORSEY 12-10, CALATHES 10-2, PAPANIKOLAOU 7-2 , G. ANTETOKOUNMPO 14-12, T. ANTETOKOUNMPO 5-2, Larentzakis 0-0, Agravanis 1-5, Kalaitzakis 0-0, Bochoridis 0-3, Kouzeloglou 0-0, Kaselakis 0-0, Lountzis 0-0

BELGIUM: (21 on 60 shots, of which 8 on 30 shots, 18 on 22 free throws and 24 errors) LECOMTE 2ç , OBASOHAN 5-ç, MWEMA 0-0, VANWIJN 2-0, BAKO 8-4, Tabu 4-0, Gillet 5 -5, De Zeeuw 0-5, Tumba 0-0, Libert 6-0, Bleijenbergh 1-3, Bratanovic 0-0

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