Levski complains to UEFA and wants European game to be played OVER

The Bulgarian top club Levski Sofia has asked UEFA whether the return of their Conference League home game with the Maltese Hamrun Spartans can be replayed. The reason Levski puts forward is that a Hamrun player was already on the Levski half at kick-off after the 1-0 when the ball was taken.

And… that is of course not allowed. The hard part for Levski is that after and because of this action, the team immediately got the 1-2. After all, the player who was on the Levski half provided the assist for the winning 1-2.

Because the first game was won 1-0 and this 1-2 was fatal, extra time was taken and then penalties were shot. This took the Maltese team better, securing them another European round.

Levski, where the Dutchmen Kellian van der Kaap and Nathan Holder are under contract, on the other hand, took a good look at the images and was of the opinion that the rules had not been followed correctly. Check the moment below:

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