Soon 14 in Paris and 22nd grand slam for Rafael Nadal? The career of the clay king in numbers

0: The number of times Rafael Nadal and Capser Ruud have faced each other on the tennis court. The Roland Garros final will be the very first meeting between the two.

0: The number of times Rafael Nadal has lost a Roland Garros final. He played thirteen.

2: The number of Olympic gold medals held by Nadal. He won Olympic gold in singles in 2008 and doubles in 2016.

3: The number of sets that Nadal lost during this edition of Roland Garros. Two in his fourth round against Auger-Aliassime, one in his quarterfinal against Djokovic.

5: Nadal’s current ranking in the world rankings. After Roland Garros, he again jumps to fourth place. He has been in the top ten of men’s tennis continuously since 2005. It has been January 20, 2020 since Nadal was number one.

7: The number of tournaments Nadal has played this season. That is already the same as in 2020 and 2021 in a whole year.

8: The number of times Nadal played at Roland Garros on his birthday. That’s June 3. Last Friday, the Spaniard turned 36 in his semifinal against Zverev.

14: The number of times Rafael Nadal can win Roland Garros today. No one has ever won the same Grand Slam tournament again. Novak Djokovic comes closest with nine overall victories at the Australian Open.

15: The age at which he became a professional tennis player in 2001.

21: The number of grand slam tournaments that the Spaniard has on his record: 13x Roland Garros, 4x US Open, 2x Australian Open, 2x Wimbledon. Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer count 20 each.

81: The number of matches that Nadal went unbeaten on clay between 2005 and 2007.

83,3%: The percentage of games won by Nadal. Nobody does better. Although Novak Djokovic (83.1%) comes pretty close.

91: ATP titles, of which 62 on clay. Including 11x Monte Carlo, 10x Rome and 5x Madrid. A win at Roland Garros puts him next to Ivan Lendl. Jimmy Connors (109) and Roger Federer (103) seem out of range.

111: The number of games Nadal won at Roland Garros. He lost 3 times.

209: The number of weeks that Rafael Nadal was number one in the world ranking.

2.200.000: The prize money in euros that Nadal will receive if he later wins the final. If he loses, he still gets half: €1,100,000. Taxes still have to be deducted from that generous sum.

21.460.000: The annual amount that Nadal earns from income outside the tennis court: sponsors, portrait rights, advertising, merchandising,…

119.720.000: The total prize money in euros that Nadal has already collected in his career. Only Djokovic (145 million euros) and Federer (121 million euros) earned more.

466.000.000: The roughly estimated gross total amount in euros that Nadal collected in his career on and off the tennis court. With that he does slightly better than Djokovic, but Roger Federer deserved double.

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