Still among the top favorites for the season, but Brooklyn Nets already painfully out in NBA playoffs

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The Boston Celtics advanced to the second round of the NBA playoffs on Monday. In the fourth game against Brooklyn Nets, they won 112-116. That was their fourth consecutive win, which saw them advance to the next round unexpectedly.

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The Nets, with star players such as Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in the ranks, were still counted among the title favorites before the start of the season. In the regular competition in the Eastern Conference, however, they did not get further than seventh place. Against the Celtics, Durant was still good for 39 points and 9 assists, on the other side Celtics top scorer Jayson Tatum recorded 29 points.

The Celtics will face the winner of the game between reigning NBA champions Milwaukee Bucks and Chicago Bulls in the Eastern Conference semifinals. In that mutual confrontation, the Bucks are one win from the qualification.



Philadelphia – Toronto 88 – 103

Philadelphia leads 3 – 2

Brooklyn – Boston 112 – 116

Boston qualifies with 4 – 0


Dallas – Utah 102 – 77

Dallas leads 3 – 2

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