Keylor Navas shows his good heart: goalkeeper of Paris Saint-Germain offers shelter to 30 Ukrainians


Keylor Navas, the Costa Rican PSG goalkeeper, has taken 30 refugee Ukrainians into his home. His home cinema will then serve as a reception center.

Jens Heylen

Navas had heard something from a Barcelona non-profit organization that had traveled specifically to Krakow, Poland, to deliver food and take in refugee Ukrainian families. Now he is also doing his part.

Together with his wife Andrea Salas, Navas bought 30 beds and converted their home cinema into a shelter. Food will also be provided for the refugees. In addition, Salas continues to spread messages through her social media to help refugees.

It is not the first time that Navas and his husband show solidarity. At the start of the corona pandemic, they had set up an action to provide food for families severely affected by the virus.

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