Irene Schouten and Antoinette de Jong get married on the same day and by the same wedding official

It’s like a photo finish! When it comes to getting married, Irene Schouten and Antoinette de Jong cross the line at exactly the same time. The skaters will get married on the same day in June 2022 − and turn on the same wedding official!

As for the wedding official, that is Jannes Mulder (55) from Steenwijkerland (Overijssel). He is a big skating fan and is also active in that world, as a speaker at rollerblading and skating competitions. “I am now also an extraordinary civil servant,” he told the newspaper the Stentor.

Mulder has previously married skaters such as Douwe de Vries and Yanna van Tol. “As a sworn marriage officer you are not tied to a specific municipality. So I can perform the wedding anywhere, even if it is in Schubbekutteveen.”

Don’t expect such language and jokes on the wedding day. Then Mulder is tip-top serious and he acts subservient. “It’s about them saying ‘yes’. And you can bet that Irene, like Antoinette, will do that with full conviction.”

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