Charleroi waltzes over Liège in BNXT League


No problems for Charleroi, which booked a sixth league win in Liège: 65-91. With 6 out of 12, the Spirous immediately remain in the running for the top 5 and the Golden League after the first phase (18 match days) of the BNXT League. On Saturday there will be Okapi Aalst-Brussels, Bergen-Kangaroes Mechelen and Leuven Bears versus champion and leader Ostend.

Patrick Ceulemans

Via Tim Lambrecht, Vincent Kesteloot and bombs from Rafael Lisboa it went after 19-31 against a weak defensive Liège to a 37-52 bonus halfway for the Spirous. At 47-67, the twenty-something was a fact and went via Nathan Kuta (9 points, 11 rebounds), Vincent Kesteloot and Tim Lambrecht (20 points, 8 rebounds) to 48-73 and a marked win for Charleroi against an uninspired Liège.

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Liège-Charleroi 65-91

SHUTTER: (23 on 65 shots, of which 4 on 19 three-pointers, 15 on 21 free throws and 22 errors) LEMAIRE 0-2, IAROCHEVITCH 1-5, DEPUYDT 6-0, KOHADJA 4-10, BAZOUMANA 9-0, Robeyns 3-0, Poitier 2-2, Bogaerts 4-7, Bruwier 0-2, L’Hoest 2-0, Spaleta 6-0, Lambermont 0-0CHARLEROI: (33 on 75 shots, of which 10 on 24 three-pointers, 15 on 25 free throws and 20 errors) LIBERT 3-0, LAMBRECHT 12-8, M. SAMARDZIC 2-0, KESTELOOT 7-12, KUTA 7-2, Fogang 3- 5, Botuli 0-0, Noterman 0-0, Makwa 2-4, Lisboa 11-5, Kok 5-1, V. Samardzich 0-2QUARTZ: 19-31, 18-21, 11-21, 17-18


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