Marc Brys admits OHL’s interest in Lamkel Zé: “It would be stupid not to be interested”

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Didier Lamkel Zé has been interested in OH Leuven for a while and Marc Brys now confirms that too. “It would be stupid not to be interested,” he says. The chance that the Cameroonian striker will actually end up in Leuven remains small, because Antwerp does not actually want to rent him out to a Belgian club.

Milan Augustijns and David Van den Broeck

In recent months, Lamkel Zé played on loan for the Slovakian DAC, but his lease has since been dissolved there. Antwerp is looking for a new rental deal for him. OHL is urgently looking for a new attacker, as Sory Kaba is in the Africa Cup with Guinea and there is no worthy alternative.

OHL coach Marc Brys once said a few months ago that he “would really like to work with Lamkel Zé, to see if he is able to coach such a loose cannon”. In the meantime, that interest has become more concrete. Brys confirms that too. “It would be stupid not to be interested,” he says. “But if Antwerp doesn’t want to rent it out to a Belgian club, there’s nothing you can do about it.” Brys does not want to give up hope completely yet. “We’ll see,” it sounds. “I see a win-win situation for both clubs.”

Lamkel Zé himself realizes that he should not place his hopes on Belgian clubs, because Antwerp does not see a loan in his own country (for the time being).


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