Soteldo and Toronto are resolved and the player approaches São Paulo; see the tricolor proposal

Soteldo playing for the Venezuela national team | Photo: Disclosure


The famous obstacle in the Soteldo negotiation was resolved. Player has already signaled positive for São Paulo and is getting closer to Morumbi. Growing optimism on the part of São Paulo’s board of directors. Now it’s time to wait.

Toronto FC has settled with Soteldo and will pay the debt with the athlete in installments. São Paulo will not pay for that.

The tricolor proposal is 2.5 million dollars for 50%, salary of BRL 850 thousand, with São Paulo paying 30/40% of this amount and the rest paid by the sponsor. Decision rests with the athlete.


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Soteldo hasn’t signed yet, and we can’t nail anything. The major obstacle in the negotiation was resolved and he is getting closer and closer to returning to Brazil.


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