Novak Djokovic will definitely not enter Australia: Serb is put on a plane home

The Australian Open has a new winner. At least, if we are to believe Reuters. According to the news agency, Novak Djokovic will not enter Australia definitively and will be put on a plane home.

Djokovic landed in Australia on Wednesday and hoped to participate in the Australian Open with a ‘medical exception’. That while other players were only welcome if they had been vaccinated twice against COVID-19.

Bye, bye, wave, wave

Once landed at Tullamarine Airport, Djokovic was immediately detained by customs. They refused to allow Djokovic entry into Australia simply because they don’t want to make an exception for him. According to sources, Djokovic did not bring the correct documents.

“The federal government has asked us to help Djokovic with his visa application, but we will not,” he wrote on Twitter. “We have always been clear about two things: visa approval is a matter for the federal government and medical exemptions are a matter for doctors,” Victoria State Secretary of State for Sports Jaala Pulford wrote on Twitter.

What’s next?

Djokovic is being sent home by Australian authorities, but is considering filing a federal order to prevent the deportation. This soap opera is not over yet.

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