Unbelievable: basketball talent Paolo Banchero sweats so hard that he loses three (!) kilograms every game

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It’s months away from the next NBA Draft, when US basketball teams can pick from the top talent pool, but Paolo Banchero will normally be one of the first to hear his name in New York. And that despite a separate physical condition.

Vincent Van Genechten

Banchero will play on the college team this season at Duke, one of the big names in popular college basketball. The 18-year-old Italian American averaged 18 points and 7 rebounds in his first eight games.

But the top talent also regularly suffered on the couch. Banchero is said to sweat so much that he loses about three kilograms per game. Because of the dehydration, he would also get cramps more easily than usual. The teenager is constantly drinking, usually from a so-called ‘BOA Oxygenated Fluid’. That is a special drink that is said to promote the hydration of the body.

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However, according to Duke’s trainer, that’s nothing to worry about. “He knows what he’s doing and handles it the way we expect,” it sounds. It is not apparent from Banchero’s performance that he sometimes suffers abnormally physically.

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