Watch the best moments of Rowing 0x1 Goiás | Brasileirão Series B


Check out the best moments of the victory of Goiás by 1-0, against Remo, at Baenão Stadium.

The game was valid for the 36th round of the 2021 Series B Brazilian Championship. Alef Manga scored for Goiás.


The victory places Goiás very close to the access for Serie A 2022. Remo, on the other hand, has his fourth straight defeat and gets complicated in the final stretch of Serie B.

However, the North Lion still only depends on itself to remain in the second division in 2022, otherwise, it will join rival Paysandu in Serie C next year.

+ Victor Andrade regrets the loss to Goiás and sends a message to the fans

Watch the best moments:


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