“8,000 euros fine and 15 months driving ban for Vincent Mannaert after drunk driving and hit and run”


Vincent Mannaert, general manager of Club Brugge, has been convicted of drunk driving and committing a hit-and-run. In November 2019, Mannaert was involved in a pile-up on the E40 in Nevele, in which one was injured. That reports Het Laatste Nieuws. It is already his fifth conviction.

Source: The last news

According to HLN, it was the police judge in Ghent who handed down the verdict on October 27. According to witnesses, Mannaert got out and apologized extensively, but left the scene of the accident moments later. “Because a sixth car had run into the cars and we risked our lives there,” responded Mannaert, who later called the police to explain what had happened.

But the judge had little compassion for Mannaert, who had previously been convicted on four occasions. He was fined 3,200 euros and 4,800 euros and a driving ban of three months and one year. He also has to pass medical and psychological tests and again pass his theoretical and practical driving test. He will then have to install an alcohol interlock in his car for three years.

At the end of May, Mannaert was convicted because he took a positive breath test in August last year at a check-up in Ostend. He had 2.44 per mille in his blood and was sentenced to pay a fine of 3,200 euros. He was then also banned from driving for three months and driving with an alcohol interlock for one year.


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