Billie Jean King Cup: German tennis top woman calls new format “really sad”


Barbara Rittner, the top woman of German women’s tennis, does not support the format of the Billie Jean King Cup, the former Fed Cup where national teams compete for the trophy in a location – this edition currently the O2 Arena in the Czech capital Prague.


The German women played a disappointing final week and were killed in the group stage after defeats in recent days against home country the Czech Republic and Switzerland. Rittner especially regrets the lack of atmosphere during the matches. Many fans only come to duels from the home country. “When you see the great atmosphere against the Czechs, with 10,000 spectators around the field because it was a home game, and then the duel against the Swiss in front of 50 or 100 people, it’s really sad,” Rittner told Germany’s dpa news agency. .

In the past, the women’s country tournament was played in home or away matches over several weekends throughout the year. But just like the Davis Cup for the men, the final phase now takes place at fixed locations for a week. “That way you ruin both the Davis Cup and the Billie Jean King Cup because both events used to have their unique atmosphere,” said the 48-year-old former tennis player.

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