Team Antwerp to quarter-finals in Abu Dhabi


Team Antwerp has qualified for the quarter-finals at the 3X3 Masters on the World Tour in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. The Antwerp team qualified through the big gate and with a 2 on 2 in group C.

Patrick Ceulemans

Team Antwerp shone in the heat of Abu Dhabi. At the 3X3 Masters of the World Tour, Nick Celis, Raf Bogaerts, Thierry Mariën, and Thibaut Vervoort won the first match 21-9 against the Dutch Utrecht.

In the second game, Team Antwerp took on American Princeton. Once again, Team Antwerp played fast basketball. The Americans tried physically, but the Sinjoren stayed cool, scored with “two-pointers” and walked away after 8-1 to 13-5. The gap was a fact and Princeton could no longer threaten in the remaining minutes: 19-12. With a 2 out of 2 in group C, Team Antwerp is immediately certain of the quarter-finals. Those will be contested on Saturday. They also stay on track towards the nice prize pool. The winner of the 3X3 Masters in Abu Dhabi will cash no less than $40,000.

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